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4.15-19 SAONON Cloud Exhibition
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SAONON Cloud Exhibition

Facing the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, people from all walks of life are making joint efforts to overcome the current hardship and combat against the pandemic. Under the circumstances that a number of exhibitions have been delayed or cancelled due to the pandemic, SAONON takes the initiative to launch an online exhibition. By making full use of the modern information technology means,SAONON will hold a"cloud exhibition" and carry out "cloud display","cloud connection", "cloud negotiation" and "cloud contract execution", which removes the limitations from time, space, regions, volume, distance and costs and enhances the effects of exhibition,publicity and negotiation.

Online exhibition platforms combine the Internet, online video, virtual reality, data analysis and the other technology to give the best play to the advantages of digital technology and the value of innovation, realize the cloud, digital and intelligent features as well as the online development of core functions of traditional offline exhibitions, and advance the business connection between trading parties. The 5 X 24-hour online exhibition session of SAONON on Alibaba.com displays the corporate image from multiple dimensions, introduces products online, and offers popular generator sets and peripheral products related to pandemic prevention which can be purchased online. Connecting suppliers and buyers across the globe, the online exhibition enables Chinese and foreign customers to place orders as they are staying indoors.

In addition to deepening the development of traditional markets, SAONON will strengthen expanding the markets in countries along the "Belt and Road" as well as emerging markets, rely on online platforms to provide innovative services such as connection before the exhibition, online introduction during the exhibition, live broadcasting for customers in need, face-to-face and separate negotiation whenever and wherever possible, and remote contract execution, and create eye-catching features including "novel, characteristic, professional and targeted" products and services to realize the display function of cloud exhibition.

As a local enterprise in Guangzhou, SAONON is a low-keyed but pragmatic company that embraces inclusiveness. Adhering to the pioneering spirits to make bold and innovative attempts, SAONON is brave enough to lead innovation, carry out exploration and put ideas into practice. The first cloud exhibition of the company not only achieves the digital transformation of traditional exhibitions, but also represents SAONON 's exploration of the new display mode which enables online and offline simultaneous communication and organic integration. It is not only a practical action to cope with the pandemic, but a significant step towards innovative development.

Exhibition time: April 15-19, 2020

Exhibition address: https://saonon.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.icbuShop.88.15.2cb6433aih6o79

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