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GUANGZHOU WANON ELECTRIC AND MACHINE CO.,LTD (Stock code: 603766), a subsidiary of Loncin General Holdings, was established in 2005 with a registered capital of 110.5 million yuan. It is a leading new energy system provider specializing in the research and development, design, production and manufacturing, maintenance and operation of wind power, photoelectric power, energy storage and diesel power generation products and integrated power solutions as well as contracting and construction. The company is a comprehensive national high-tech enterprise.
We have participated in the development of several national and industrial standards, are granted more than 100 patents for invention and more than 20 "High-tech Products of Guangdong Province", and have a professional R&D team consisting of more than 60 employees with the bachelor, master's and doctorate degrees. With an advanced intelligent multi-functional electric power laboratory in the industry, we have the mature ability to design and develop intelligent environmentally-friendly power supply equipment, and have broken up such technological monopolies of foreign enterprises in medium and high-end products as the Micro Grid System, intelligent control, digital parallel connection, studies on sound acoustic materials, high voltage power transmission and ultra-low temperature start, etc. With the CAE analysis technology, we have made breakthroughs in FEA-based structure optimization research, NVH research, and CFD-based thermal management research, to ensure product performance and quality to the maximum extent, becoming an industry pioneer to promote technological upgrading through basic research. The SAONON Cloud Platform System independently developed by us features online management of products, big data analysis and after-sales service planning. Specifically, we have achieved remote monitoring, fault alarm and maintenance reminder through such equipment as a PC, a PAD or a mobile phone to provide users with intelligent, high-tech service experience. In addition, we have maintained a long-term cooperation relationship with Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology and other key universities in China, and have established an internship base together with Sun Yat-sen University. Through enterprises-universities-research institutions cooperation, we research and develop cutting-edge intelligent power technologies jointly with South China University of Technology. 

In the field of microgrid technology, corporate microgrids can provide more cost-effective power sources for grid-connected and off-grid areas as well as commercial or industrial facilities. By combining photovoltaic solar modules and energy storage solutions with a public grid or generator set, we can customize energy systems to meet customer needs. The microgrid is mainly composed of the main control system, two-way inverter equipment, power grid stabilization (PGS) module, energy peak regulation and expansion module, photovoltaic module, etc. Through energy integration, energy flow can be optimized to provide energy at the lowest total cost. At the same time, off-grid and grid-connected can be seamlessly switched within 30MS. The system supports grid, following grid and island mode operation, and the overload capacity reaches 1.5 times. The system can achieve high power quality output under high transient load by controlling frequency and voltage.
This technology has been tested by the clients. As the major supplier of a  micro-grid project in the island of Maldives, we have provided the main control, power grid stabilization, peak load regulation and expansion modules to ensure the continuous and effective operation of the power station project with a total capacity of 6,050KVA. The client highly recognize our products and is discussing with us on the implementation of micro-grids in more isolated power station projects. Meanwhile, we are carrying out electrical transformation in the production and office areas to adopt micro-grid operation, which can not only continuously enhance the micro-grid technology, but also bring cost benefits of the micro-grid.

We cater to the middle and high-end markets, providing a large number of power products with superior performance for clients in various industries. Up to now, we have provided nearly 10,000 sets of emergency power supply equipment for such high-quality clients as China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Tower, Sinopec, CNOOC, Petro China. Moreover, we have also provided many sets of safe and reliable power supply products with excellent technology for Mass Transit Railway, Canton Tower, Asian Games venues, Asian Games City and Shanghai World Expo. During the construction of the world-famous Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the Saonon generator units worked hard to guarantee smooth electric power operation. We fully supported the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, providing integrated power solutions in such projects as the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway project, the Brunei Petrochemical project, the Siberian Gold Mine project and the "Asia-Africa-Europe 1 (AAE-1)" Intercontinental Submarine Cable System project. 

Our products are sold to more than 80 countries and regions in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and America. Moreover, we have held exhibitions in such countries as the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, presenting our brand overseas to markets and covered by our after-sales service network.
We always adhere to the development concept of "smart energy, green energy", and aim to build an international famous brand in the field of commercial energy storage and micro-grid. Keeping pace with the times and making constant innovation, we are dedicated to providing clients with reliable power solutions and the world with low-cost green electricity. Confidence comes from years of accumulated strength. We have inherent advantages in this field. The first advantage is the client resources which are the root of developing the market space. Over the years, we have accumulated a large number of client resources, of which thousands across all walks of life both at home and abroad having long-term relationship with us, from large state-owned to small and medium-sized enterprises; the second advantage is the sources of supply. Our micro-grid related suppliers are domestic top 3 large enterprises, which ensures the advanced nature and stability of our products from the upstream; the third is the technical advantages. In terms of technical strength, we have the full support of Loncin Group's technical center, and have been maintaining in-depth cooperation with many universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad. Besides, hundreds of national patented technologies fundamentally ensure our leading position in this field.

Facing the rapid development of the  micro-grid system, as well as trillions of market space at home and abroad, we will continue to deepen our technological leadership in the field of PV +  ESS + Diesel Genset. By relying on our channels and user resources and through in-depth cooperation with the supply chain, we will achieve a perfect transition from traditional energy to commercial energy storage. 

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