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The invitational golf tournament of SAONON&ZHILI Cup
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Your make excellence.

The invitational golftournament of SAONON&ZHILI Cup ended successfully.

The SAONON&ZHILI Cup golftournament sponsored by Guangzhou Wanon was successfully held in Phnom Penh,Cambodia on November 24th. The golfers from China, Cambodia, SouthKorea, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries gathered in the Phnom Penh GardenCity Golf Club, where they spent a passionate golf time.

The weather in Phnom Penh inNovember is great, which is the best time to play outdoor sports at thestadium.

Golf has the samecharacteristics as Saonon generator sets: power, efficiency, speed andprecision. In addition, golf is a kind of sport that can helps people totranscend themselves and constantly improve themselves. Therefore, the golf’scharacter is in line with the spirit of Wanon, which is Beyond Self, InfinitePossibilities. So we choose the international sport of golf to meet like-mindedfriends from all over the world.

In me the tiger sniffs the rose.

There are a total of 18 goalsin a golf game. Each batting has a different experience. The rolling terrain ofthe golf course is like that people experienced the frustrations and successesin life.

Pay attention to balancebefore you play the golf, just as people have to think again and again beforeacting.

The golfers played the friendly match on the golf course, which is goodfor experiencing the unique charm of golf.

After several hours of intense competition, each participator was delighted.

Dinner Party

After the wonderful game, afeast was used to entertain guests.

The dinner hall was full.

During the dinner time, the in-depth communication  made the atmosphereharmonious,  which also  consolidated the friendship between each other.

Awarding session

Prizes of  Center Line, Two-Shot Near Pin,Longest Drive

Gross Champion,Net Champion, Net Second Reward, Net Thrid Reward

Showing time of dinner party

The lottery session was coming.

Third Prize: Huawei mobile phone perperson

Second Prize: Skyworth TV (55-inch) per person

Frist Prize: 5G mobile phone and Mate30 Pro of Huawei

Special Prize: $1000

More special Prize: $2500


The Golf Invitational of SAONON&ZHILICup and awards dinner ended successfully in applause and blessings.

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