Saonon Modular Power Plant
Saonon Modular Power Plant

Modular Power Plant

Modular Power Plant
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  • Saonon Modular Power Plant
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AbundantPower Supply

● With 1MW stable poweroutput, 20 feet standard container canopy and upgraded power generationdensity;

● It meets requirements ofISO and CCS standards, and its easy loading and transportation can speed uppower transmission and dispatching;

● It is designed in compacttype that make full use of the canopy space, thus to guarantee the powergeneration units has a stand-alone function.

Function Expansion  

● The Visual window has theparalleling and synchronized function of intelligent control;

● Optional equipped withautomatic lubricating oil filling system to intelligent guarantee thelubrication safety;

● Optional equipped withwater jacket heater, can make the product start normally at low temperature;

● According to thedeflagration environment, it can be optional equipped with air shut-off valveand active spray to prevent fire.

Humanization Design  

● External emergency stopswitch

● External oil filling andreturn port;

● Capacious access door

● Alarm device through soundand light;

● Embedded ladder;

● Additional equipped with trailer genset at the rearof container canopy.

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