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System Introduction
Modular household energy storage (household storage) scheme refers to the modular energy storage system scheme for different household users. During the day, the electricity generated by the photovoltaic system is preferentially used by the local load, and the excess energy is stored in the battery, which can be selectively incorporated into the power grid if there is still a surplus of electricity. At night, when the photovoltaic system is unable to generate electricity, the battery discharges to provide electricity for the local load. Energy storage solutions for households achieve a higher proportion of green electricity for self-use, reduce the cost of electricity, and ensure the stability of users' electricity under extreme weather conditions; Users can easily grasp the situation of the power station through monitoring and enjoy a zero-carbon life.

  • Ip65 Protection level
    ensures efficient and stable operation of the system
  • Battery modular design
    Free expansion of battery capacity
  • Single-phase/three-phase
    to meet customers' different product needs
  • Easy to install ultra
    quiet design
Application Scenario
  • Modular household storage scheme is a key technical scheme that uses energy storage to provide the reliability of power system and promote the consumption of new energy. The energy storage system can dynamically absorb and store the electric energy from the power generation side or the grid, and release it when needed, so as to change the mode of synchronous power production, transmission and use, making the "rigid" power system with real-time balance more "flexible" and effectively improving the power quality and efficiency.
    Household energy storage usually adopts the electrochemical energy storage route with flexible installation scale, mature industrial chain, easy mass production and promotion, and easy installation, operation and maintenance. Household electro-chemical energy storage system usually consists of battery pack, battery management system (BMS), energy storage converter (PCS) and energy management system (EMS), among which energy storage battery and converter are the core links with high value.


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