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Djakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway

Project Time:2019-06-27
Djakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway
Djakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway
Case IntroductionCase Introduction

● Djakarta-BandungHigh-speed Railway Project of Indonesia ( Djakarta-Bandung High-speed Railwayfor short) is the first government-dominated project in the world, which is operatedby Indonesia and China via joint venture. Its total length is 150km with thehighest designed speed of 350km/h .

● Djakarta-BandungHigh-speed Railway is the symbolic engineering whose construction isco-promoted by Indonesia and China under the "Belt and Road"Initiative, and is also the first order of Chinese high-speed railway's"going abroad", which represents China's high-speed railwayconstruction level.

●The technicalinnovation shows the strength of Wanon's intelligent creation. Various analyticaltechniques like CAE, NVH and CFD has been applied to SAONON gensets, whichefficiently increases the performance of damping, sound quality, mutation, etc.With the strong technology, SAONON gensets stood out from many powerfulcompetitors and became the power supplier of Djakarta-Bandung High-speedRailway Project.

● Wanon providedseveral SAONON ultral silent gensets with high power to guarantee the powerfulelectricity supply of Djakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway Project.


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