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the 127th Canton Fair officially opened
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On June 15, the 127th Canton Fair officially opened, and this is the first time that the fair be held entirely online. Guangzhou Wanon also joined the Canton Fair to meet global merchants online.

Live Broadcasting is the most important method for exhibitors to recommend commodities for customers at this canton fair. Wanon seized the new opportunity of exhibition digitalization and divided the three major live broadcasting time zones for customers in America, Europe and Africa, and Asia-Pacific areas, launching many live broadcasts to collide with customers around the world and embrace new business opportunities. Additionally, Wanon invited Cummins, Stamford, and Leroy-Somer as special guests to share real tips with customers in the Waonon live show. Through constant practice and resume, the "online exhibition-selling" ability of our Wanon broadcasters has been improved to better meet the new challenges and requirements of the "live broadcast era".

The trade war between the US and China and the present epidemic situation are strongly impacting the traditional B2B foreign trade model. Using live streaming to sell products has become the new trade outlet, and the construction of digital ecology is becoming an important task for enterprises to transform and upgrade, "leading by data, fighting against the epidemic, innovating together and benefiting all".

With a solid professional foundation, Wanon caught the new fast train of live marketing and constantly benchmarking from the B2C industry. All efforts have transformed into the powerful strength that helps Wanon meet the challenges and continue to upgrade. Through comprehensively displaying on the online Canton Fair "mutually benefiting the world" live platform, Wanon built a brand image of “high-level manufacturing and responsible service” to the overseas customers.

In live broadcasts of the Online Canton Fair, the Wanon broadcasters showed many successful cases of diversified products of Saonon applied in different industry scenarios. Wanon insists on practicing a customer-oriented service concept, providing customers with comprehensive power solutions to ensure power security. From the street-stall economy to the municipal construction, Saonon gensets have always tried to promote the development of all walks of life.

In the process of digital transformation, apart from focusing on its own improvement, Wanon pays more attention to the co-development of its business partners and industrial partners, hoping to create more opportunities for communication through the online canton fair, and contribute to the development of the entire industry. The digital transformation needs to accept all efforts, only when the entire industry ecological circle participate together, can we achieve its maximum effect!

Digital transformation can not be a single action, but a long-term process. it begins in cognition, formed in strategy, solidified in the ability. Wanon will embrace the new opportunities of digital transformation with a positive attitude, continue introducing high-quality products and services that meet customer satisfaction, and contribute to the upgrading process of “intelligent manufacturing in China”!

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